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    1. Aonijie-Application for admission

      Aonijie launched a national 100 regiment plan to build a professional and active running group to make a job for running; to let more life and healthy friends participate in the plan, and let the spirit of sports, health and friendship be passed on in the hearts of every person who loves running.

      Conditions of recruitment:
      1, The number of active members of the association and running group is no less than 100.
      2, organize regular activities or competitions every month.
      3, have participated in the competition experience, and achieved some results.
      4, the atmosphere in the group is good, and the quality of its members is high.
      Recruitment of benefits:
      1, the equipment provided by Zhejiang O'Neill outdoor products Co., Ltd. is worth 2000 yuan.
      2, provide part of the cost of recharge.
      3, all members of the group can enjoy 10 percent off discount on membership price.
      4, according to the different characteristics of each running group, the customized flag is provided.
      5, there is a chance to get the free competition for the big games sponsored by the company.
      6. We can take part in a large competition organized by O'Neill. We will take part in the competition by every elite runner to promote healthy competition between each group.
      Recruitment requirements:
      1, They are recruited to run a group and regularly organize a competition every month according to their requirements.
      2, during the event, there must be a custom banner.
      3. After each event, the running group needs to provide a picture of the activity, as well as a summary of the activities. If there are any articles published on other websites, it is necessary to take the words of onjie and the pictures with LOGO.
      4. When the members of the competition are at the end of the competition, there will be at least 2 images of LOGO or O'Neill.
      5, every winner of the circle of friends wins the prize, which is aimed at highlighting the awards sponsored by O'Neill.
      6, sponsorship equipment and expenses are only allowed to use the game, if there is misappropriation, once found, permanently cancel sponsorship.


      Note: sponsorship equipment and expenses are allowed to be used only for competition. If misappropriation is used, the sponsorship will be permanently abolished once found. Please contact customer service if you need advice