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    1. Laoshan 100 km International Mountain cross-country race

      2018 Laoshan 100 km International Mountain cross-country race

      zheJiang QuZhou

      Heaven and earth, the sea of the Yellow Sea, Laoshan, towering into the sea of invincible sea scenery, Xian Qi wrapped around the old saying "Taishan is high, not as good as the East China Sea Lao." When the flowers bloom in May, wait for you to go to Laoshan. Climbing mountain road, enjoying the sea view, recalling the mysterious legend of Laoshan Taoist priest! Laoshan's majestic simplicity and charming scenery are intoxicating. It is a famous 5A grade tourist attraction and National Nature Reserve. "Laoshan 100" track through the whole scenic spot, almost all of the famous scenic spots in series in series, along the way not only have historic sites, unbeatable sea scenery, and beautiful fishing village, but also the original forest and waterfall stream between the mountains and seas, which are the most beautiful hundred kilometers of China's race track.

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